Uptobox is a safe and reliable way to store files and even torrents on the internet for later use or backup. Guest users can download up to 1 GB of files and share them via links with others, once the user creates a free accounts, this limit expands dramatically to 200 GB of maximum file size for upload and 1 TB of storage. Registered users also get the advantage of remote URL upload and password protected items. The sign up process is very simple and fast, all it takes is for the user to enter an email address and create a username and password. All users regardless whether they are registered or not can use download accelerators, to get access to stored files faster. The stored files are deleted automatically after 30 days since the last download for guest users and 90 days for registered users. Uptobox has many great features that other file hosting providers might lack, such as streaming of videos online via a partnered website called Uptostream. Videos can be paused and resumed at will and HD quality is supported. There are some limitations on how much the user can stream however, unless they purchase a premium subscription. All kinds of files are welcome on Uptobox, excluding sexual content such as pornography and any type of generally offensive material. Copyrighted items are naturally also forbidden. Uptobox doesn’t support hotlinking. Similarly it is not allowed to share the account, meaning to download at the same time from different locations and neither is it possible to use dedicated servers if the user is wasting a lot of traffic. Each registered user gets their own file manager, where they can view and work with the data the uploaded and delete it at any time. Guest users are instead provided with a deletion link together with the download link. After clicking the link, the file is automatically removed. All files are private, meaning no one can download them or even see them without the permission of the owner. This however means that the user can’t search for other people’s files.

For the maximum benefits of Uptobox, a premium account is needed. With it the user gets unlimited storage space, maximum download speed, the option to upload via FTP clients, high availability of files, no waiting periods before the download starts, direct download options, full privacy and security via a reliable SSL encryption and gets rid of annoyances like advertisement or file expiration dates. As long as the premium account is active, the files stay in the personal storage space. When it comes to video streaming, premium users get all the benefits of the other account alternatives and more. Viewing times becomes unlimited, the user gains encoding priority and gets rid of ads. Four pricing plans are offered and they are surprisingly cheap. The shortest available time of premium services is 30 days, then 365 days, 730 days and 1825 days. Payment is possible via Paypal, SMS and Bitcoin. Vouchers are also offered. Resellers offer the same premium accounts but with more options when it comes to the payment methods. For users who are interested in working with an interface, Uptobox also offers API services to access the functions of the website. Language bindings in JS and Shell are available and the user can switch easily between php and javascript. All necessary information on the subject is thoroughly described on the website. If the user has any other questions, they can select the field they are inquiring about, be it payment issues, user account, bug report, ideas, partnership, abuse or Uptostream and type in the full message in a text box in the support section. All information on Uptobox is available in multiple languages: English is the default version, but the user can switch to French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Indonesian in the top right corner.