Gigapeta is a file hosting service for easy upload of large numbers of files at once, even for unregistered users. This special feature, which is uncommon among most similar file hosters, is named Mass loader. Instead of uploading files one by one, the user can create a whole list of entries that are then sent to the storage of GigaPeta. After that, links to all the files are sent to the user and he can share them with others or use for himself as storage backup. This makes uploading from different locations on the user’s personal computer much faster and easier. Uploading single files is even easier and can be done through the browser, without any plugins or additional softwares needed. Simply click the Upload file button and accept the user agreement. Although uploading files is available for free visitors, to download the file, the user needs to create an account, which is also free. Registration also comes with other advantages, such as a personal files manager where the user can easily work with your uploads or a statistics board that gives the registered user detailed information on who and when downloaded their files. There is a special software for uploading called Gigapeta Uploader, which is a client made especially for GigaPeta users, so they won’t have to resort to using a web browser or FTP.The client can be quickly downloaded on the website on the page Upload files. The benefits of the client are: ability to select a list of files to upload, keeping the history of all uploaded files and templates for copying a group of links. Uploading via FTPs is also possible, but only for registered users. On the page FTP, the user can copy all necessary information to put into the client for a fast connection. Remote upload is also available, but only for premium users. It has its own page under Upload files, where the user simply puts the links into a text box. It is important that the link is direct, not a HTML page. A HTML5 loader is accessible on GigaPeta on its own on the home page. It is strictly forbidden to illegally upload copyrighted content or to distribute service links in the form of spam.

There are three account possibilities for users of GigaPeta: Unregistered, Registered and Premium. All have in common a daily limit of 100 files, a daily size limit of 20 GB and a size limit on each individual file between 5 MB and 2 GB. The differences are especially in speed and additional features. Unregistered users get access to maximum speed of 20 kB/s, registered users get 40 kB/s and for premium members the speed is unlimited. Both registered and unregistered accounts can access only 1 thread, premium users get an unlimited amount of threads. Only premium users can work with a download manager and direct links and don’t have to put up with advertising blocks. Unregistered users can expect an average delay of 25 seconds, registered users 10 seconds and premium users can upload or download right away without any delays at all. Traffic is also different with each account option: unregistered users get 4 GB per 72 hours, registered users 12 GB per 72 hours and premium members 90 GB per 72 hours. The premium model offers payment for 7 to 365 days and if the user is not fully satisfied, he can expect a full refund. All payments are done through the provider WebMoney Transfer System or through other programs via resellers. Active clients of GigaPeta can also use the services to earn money by distributing links. Rates are different for each country the user downloads from, the highest rate is 3 US cents for 1 fully downloaded GB and it applies to these countries: Austria, Belgium, England, Germany, Netherlands, United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg. Payouts are transferred also via WebMoney. For more information, the user is free to visit the GigaPeta forum or contact the administrators via email or a technical support and feedback form on the website.