Clicknupload is a widely used file hosting provider. Any kind of data can be uploaded including images, videos, sounds or documents. There are some restrictions on the type of shared files, most notably copyrighted material and pornographic or otherwise sexual content. The user’s files are completely private and can be shared only to invited receivers, as online backup or made public to anyone. After each upload, the user receives a delete link to remove the stored file, or they can simply wait for the link to expire on its own,after which the file is deleted by the provider. Hotlinking is not allowed on Clicknupload. Every user has access to unlimited storages and unlimited bandwidth, even free account clients. There are also no limits on download or upload speed. The only restriction is on large numbers of inactive files for backup. Free users also face some limitations on number and size of files they can upload at one time. It’s 10 uploaded files per free user and each size can’t be larger than 2 GB. The files are never endangered by expiration dates, they stay stored for as long as the user wants, only inactive files are removed after a week for guests and 20 to 30 days for registered members. Members also get other advantages, such as maximum upload file size of 3 GB and parallel upload up to 20 files. Accounts at Clicknupload also come with a security lock option, that can be accessed on the My Account page. This locks the profile from any changes to give more security to the stored data. The lock can be disabled at will after confirmation through the users email address. There is also a special condition option which increases maximum size per file to 15 GB and enables upload of up to 30 files at once.

Other services include a free link checker, to make sure the provided URLs are available. The user can simply copy and paste the address into a text box and test the availability by clicking a “Check URLs” button. The website has a news sections, where users can read about current changes, fixes, upgrades and other important news. Interested individuals can also use the so called PPD program to make money via Clicknupload. The pay per download program is divided into 4 tiers based on the location of the user, who sends visitors from his website to Clicknupload. Downloads are then counted up to 3 times every 24 hours per each IP address. The tiers indicate how much the user can earn for 10,000 downloads. The first tier includes the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany and earns 50 USD, the second tier covers Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Finland, Austria and Saudi Arabia and earns 30 USD, Tier 3 includes Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Japan and earns 20 USD and all other countries are in Tier 4 with 7 USD. These rates may change in time. Payouts are processed two times in a month and the minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 USD. The terms of service include the right of Clicknupload to disable direct linking on user accounts that are using excessive bandwidth or abusing the system in other ways. In case of an investigation, the company is also committed to work with authorities. This also means users are not shielded from the law and have to strictly follow the rules of copyright and trademarks. All copyrighted files must be deleted immediately. In case the user or an interested visitor has questions that aren’t answered on the website, they can send a message to the website support via a text box included on the site and receive the answer on their email.