Datoid is a Czech file hosting website for the upload and download of films, documents, music, pictures and any other kind of file with the exception of pornographic material, which you can find on the partner website Pornoid. There are three account options: the first one is free downloading without registration. This way you can only download public content up to the size of 1 GB and the user will encounter several limitations such as waiting times before a download or rather slow download speed. Free users can also upload content which anyone can find by searching for it in the search bar. It works very fast and this way, the user can store important files on the internet as backup or share large files with others. The limit of uploadable data is 10 GB in the free version. After the upload, the user receives a link to sent to the selected receivers and a link for editing, where he can delete the file, or change some details, like the name, description or the language. It is also important that the user checks a box in the editing window, that says erotic content (18+) if that’s the nature of the file. Passwords for the uploaded files and hiding the file from public is also possible in the free version. The second account option is for registered users. The registration is free and the newly registered customer gets 2 GB of data for free as a welcome gift. The registration is done through email. After signing up, the user can give ratings on files and leave comments or make money with the partner program. It is directed at content creators like bands or amature filmmakers, who can upload their content to Datoid and for any download by a premium user, the creator gets paid. It is recommended to share the links to the uploaded file to as many people as possible. The payment is done in points that can be exchanged into money or into credit for downloading. Webmasters are also free to use the partnership program, they get 15% of any payment transfer to Datoid from the users they redirected on their website. It works for three months.

The full experience can be unlocked by becoming a premium user. After the free registration, the user sends money to the website in exchange for credits. The prices are in Czech crowns and are cheap compared to all the services. The lowest amount can be paid by SMS, other amounts via credit card, bank transfer or Bitcoin. The credits are not subjected to expiration dates, they stay on the user's account until they spend them. Downloading files in the night is significantly cheaper, it starts at midnight and ends at 8 in the morning. When downloading as a premium member, the user can expect many advantages, such as unlimited speed, unlimited number of parallel downloads, resumable downloads, support of download clients, unlimited number of download slots and support of multithreaded downloading. The user can pay for a file quite quickly by sending one SMS. Remote upload from distant servers, such as from work or school, is also permitted. Data backup from share servers like Hotfile, Extabit, Crocko or others into Datoid is recommended. Customer support is always happy to help in case the user’s download doesn’t work, they didn’t get the credits they paid for etc. There is a simple textbox on the website as well as an email address, a phone number and a house address. A different online form has to be filled in if the user wants to report illegal content on the site to the administrators. A copyright statement has to be included. There are also links to partner websites on Datoid, specifically a company where you can buy a ltd. certificate for the customers firm, an address where the company will reside, a domicile address in Prague and an erotic dating site.