FilesMonster is a digital content distribution platform, that allows users to access files supplied by their copyright owners. This way, the user can be sure, that all the downloadable content is legal and doesn’t have to be afraid of piracy accusations. Not only are the users of FilesMonster allowed to download the selected data, but also browse and watch it online. Free accounts are not possible, but the registration is free and gives the users access to all offered data. Premium membership is also offered, there are several pricing plans, so the user can decide on their own how much he wants to pay to use the services for a specific amount of time. The trial version costs 2.50 euros and lasts for 2 days. With this cheap option you can download or stream up to 15 GB of content. Payment is possible via credit card or Bitcoin, which saves you 10% off your purchase. For more payment methods, there are also authorised resellers that offer the premium with more possibilities like PayPal, Paysafecard, Skrill, Mercado Pago or CashU and local payment options. All payments are completely safe and anonymous, protected by a reliable program called Comodo Secure. Premium users get access to benefits such as privileged channel access, simultaneous access to multiple uploaded files, resumable downloads and instant downloading without waiting time. Download speed is unlimited and streaming videos within the possible amount of traffic is included. The size of Premium traffic in GB differs based on the user’s pricing plan. One IP address can download up to 250 files within 24 hours and up to 50 simultaneous downloads are permitted. Multithreaded downloads and download managers are also supported with premium. It is not allowed to share or sell access credentials and it may result in termination of account without warning. Refunds are also possible, but only if the premium user never gained access to the offered content.

FilesMonster offers top class protection of the files uploaded to its storage spaces, so that the user stays away from spams, viruses, malware or spyware. As long as it is legal, you can upload any type of data as back up or to share it with others. Just like many other file hosting services, FilesMonster allows you to monetize and promote your content. The user can stay connected with their audience easily and share their daily data feed with them. This is not done on the website itself however, but on a specialized partner website named Content-Cooperation. There the creators can sign up, get authorised and gain a personal area to start earning money. Affiliate commission is set up to 25% of the amount the system received when the user paid for their premium membership as well as a commission counted per downloaded GB. This counts for regular downloading as well as online streaming. Users who don’t own legal content can still gain income on FilesMonster by being a webmaster or site owner and by spreading and promoting links to the uploaded files. Webmasters also have to sign up for an account on Content-Cooperation to start earning. The website also offers deals to resellers. To get information on this offer, the user has to contact the administrators directly by submitting a form with their name, email address, priority and subject. Open APIs can be used to create interactions between Filesmonster and third party developers open for a mutual partnership in services. The offer is charged based on used storage and bandwidth with 0.5 USD per GB per month for storage and 0.05 USD per GB. These prices may change in time. Volume discounts are also available. Files that violate the users copyright claims, they can report it as long as they possess any of the following: exclusive right of reproduction; exclusive right of distribution; exclusive right of public demonstration; exclusive right of giving public notice.