Uploaded has originally been a file sharing website, but it has changed its core due to unpopularity and it became one of the most popular cloud storage platforms. This change has put many people into hesitation about the security of their services, but they have built up their reputation since. The company is based in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Uploaded.net is made for storing files such as videos, photos or documents and then sharing them with customers, colleagues or anyone the user wants. There are three ways to use the offered services: as a guest, a free registered user or as a premium member. Let’s break down the differences between these options. Guests can’t upload any files to the storage space, they can only download when provided a specific download link. It usually takes about 30 seconds before the download starts and there are ads and captcha. Once the download starts, the user can expect a speed of about 50 kB/s. There is a limit of 1 downloaded file each 180 minutes and functions such as parallel downloads, hybrid traffic quota and affiliate programs are not available to guests. A free registration offers much more benefits, most notably the possibility to upload files. A total space of 2 GB for 6 months is offered, with extensions available for small fees and a possible backup-space reservation for another month after the initial period ends. Provided backup-space and usage is shown in a special Member-Area, but only if there is any backup-space available. Download speed for registered users is about 70 kB/s and hybrid traffic extensions are offered. When it comes to uploading, direct, remote, FTP and parallel uploads are all permitted, as well as import. The uploaded files have to meet the limit of 2 GB per each file. Once the items are safely stored on Uploaded, the user can access his storage space through a handy file and folder manager to sort, rename, move, delete or copy files at will. Files can be directly embedded through CDN or hot linked, but only if hybrid traffic is made available by the user, as it needs to be deduced for download traffic. Uploaded data can be marked as private or protected by a password. Registered users can also take part in a partnership program and earn money through the sharing of stored content. Commissions are very high on Uploaded: for the first premium account bought thanks to the user, they will receive 60% of the sale and 50% of all following sales. This, however, doesn’t include the shortest premium version of 48 hours, more on that below. Download commission can reach 5 US cents per download, depending on the size of the file and the country of the downloading user. Affiliate programs also earn the user points, that can be used to upgrade their account and extent premium subscriptions.

All of the above described tools and features are included in the last user option, premium, together with even more advantages: 10GB of available storage space without an expiration date, display of backup space and usage, no waiting times, ads or captchas, unlimited upload and download speed, simultaneous downloading available, extra 30 GB of traffic quota per day, with a maximum amount of 500 GB, 5 GB of hybrid traffic quota for each new premium subscription including renewals and a UDrive desktop client for both Windows and Mac to quickly move files into the users own private cloud storage. The user can decide for themselves for how long they want to be a premium member. There are six pricing plans: the cheapest is a trial version for 48 hours, earning the user 500 points, the longest is for 2 years and includes 9000 points. Payment is possible via credit card or Paysafecard. A mobile app for Android is offered for both the free and premium accounts and can be downloaded from Google play. Customer service is very helpful, on the website the user can pick what kind of problem or question they have and type the message into a text box. Uploaded offers support in English, German, French and Turkish.