K2s stands for Keep2share. The website offers a cloud storage services for users interested in keeping their data safe in a very well protected server or wants to share large files with others who own a PC or Mac. Completely free (unregistered) access is not available, but you can use basic services by signing up for a free account via Google or Facebook or by entering your email address. After signing up, the user can download with a speed of about 50 kB/s, however only one download at the time is possible, files will be deleted after 30 days and the maximum download volume is only 1 GB. Registered users have access to features such as the file manager for easy organising of uploaded files, FTP uploading, video streaming online or remote uploading. Interested resellers also have to create an account first. For users interested in more features and tools, there are two premium account options: Basic Premium and Premium PRO. A Premium account enables you to store files for 90 days, upload files up to 5 GB, unlimited download speed, up to 50 GB available storage space, bandwidth of 20 GB per day and 30 GB as a gift on the first day. Other features include download accelerators, such as JDownloader, Internet Download Manager or Download Accelerator Plus, simultaneous downloads and resumable downloads. Premium PRO offers all the basic functions as premium account does, with some extra benefits, such as a slightly higher speed, 10 GB limit on uploaded files, 60 GB file storage space, 50 GB bandwidth per day and a bonus of 30 GB for day 1. With Premium Pro the user can play video online, use an unlimited video preview function, have all files thoroughly scanned for any viruses, download with full anonymity and can select his favorite files in the file manager for easier accessibility. With both Premium and Premium PRO accounts, the user’s traffic is automatically renewed at midnight GMT. Any type of file can be uploaded as long as it doesn’t offend anyone and doesn’t break any laws, including copyright laws.

Only one account per user is allowed, multiple accounts can lead to termination of services. No hidden fees are added to any transaction and the payments are guaranteed to be safe and secure. Both premium services can be bought for 3, 30, 90 or 365 days. Recurring subscription is also available and can be switched off at any time on the users profile. Payment is possible via credit card, bank transfer or WebMoney. Gift cards are also accepted as payment. Potential resellers may offer other payment methods. All payments are fully secured by advanced safety features of VISA and RapidSSL encryption, as well as MasterCard SecureCode and American Express. If you are thinking about using K2s services to make money, the website will redirect you to Moneyplatform a partner website, where any user can monetize their digital content easily with unlimited storage and traffic. The platform offers up to 75% income from sales. After uploading files, the content creator simply puts them out into the internet and get paid for anyone who downloads them using the above mentioned services. Keep2Share has an extensive FAQ library, called Knowledgebase, witch does a great job at trying to explain any questions or solutions to issue the user might experience. The articles are divided by their topic into 3 separate pages: a basic FAQ, issues regarding finances and downloading issues. If the user has questions that were not satisfied on the Knowledgebase, they can always ask directly by emailing the administrators. This contact is also used in case the customer wants a refund. This is possible only up to 10 days from the purchase, regardless of the selected pricing plan. Keep2Share also allows APIs and even has a very detailed page on how to install and work with them. There you can download all necessary tools and get information on authorization, upload, download, link checking, the custom PHP SDK Keep2shareAPI.php, console uploaders and a long list of various resources including ReCaptchas, tests, account info and more.